I have an application I am coding with Symfony2. I have created an Account entity and used the annotation to create a repository called AccountRepository Inside the AccountRepository object I have created a function to run some business logic that goes out to an outside vendor and creates a user at their site, and returns the information back to us so I can associate their user with our Account Entity. Part of creating that user includes sending over credit card token. They then return some limited credit card data I want to store and associate with our account so I have an entity AccountCard after creating the object and inserting the appropriate data, I am unable to request the entity manager from the repository and persist the AccountCard doing a print_r on the $em variable shows nothing, yet everything I've read tells me I should be able to do this. What am I doing wrong?


namespace Openbridge\CommonBundle\Entity\Repository;

use Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository;

use Openbridge\CommonBundle\Entity\Account as Account;
use Openbridge\CommonBundle\Entity\AccountCard as AccountCard;
use Openbridge\CommonBundle\Entity\AccountAddress as AccountAddress;

 * AccountRepository
 * This class was generated by the Doctrine ORM. Add your own custom
 * repository methods below.
class AccountRepository extends EntityRepository
    public function __construct()


    function createVendorUser(Account $account, $userData = array())
        // Request new user from vendor code here. (this works)

        $ac = new AccountCard();
        // setters for $ac data here.

        // Get entity manager
        $em = $this->getEntityManager();
  • Can you post your full entityRepository code in a gist? And what about the typehint array(). I have never seen that before, shouldn't that be array $userData = array()? – Bram Gerritsen Aug 5 '13 at 21:39
  • i modified here, there really isn't a lot of code other than what I already posted just the default Repository stuff Symfony makes from the Entity annotations and the inclusion of the other Entities we are using, and the vendor code. – thenetimp Aug 5 '13 at 22:24

You have to remove the constructor, because EntityRepository uses that to bind the dependencies to the class.

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    I really hate it when I make noob mistakes. Thank you for pointing that out. – thenetimp Aug 6 '13 at 0:35

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