I'm trying to make date equal something like: Posted at 06:55 PM on 8/5/13. However I can't seem to get the "on" part work correctly. I've tried backslashing the characters I want, but everytime something like this happens: 06:55 PM o 8/5/13 I can't seem to get the "n" to show up.

This is what I have:

date("h:i A \o\n m/d/y");

According to the php manual website this should work. Help me out? Thanks.


PHP will interpret the \n as a newline character. To escape that, simply add an extra slash:

date("h:i A \o\\n m/d/y");


04:06 AM on 08/06/13

Live demo: http://codepad.org/oI6rIyTq

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You can also use single quota to avoid escaping:

echo date('h:i A \o\n m/d/y');
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