We have an app running on 8.5.3 servers (windows) with a field set as Date-only in the Notes backend. No time component gets saved. There is a list style Xpage with a ViewPanel that displays these dates from a Notes view data source, and a form that opens from a link in that view that also shows the same field in the linked record. We are in North America.

After UTC midnight, which is 7 pm Eastern, all of the date column values shown in the view will roll back to the previous day. The linked document in the form-oriented Xpage still shows the proper date as can be seen in a Notes client, and in a Notes info box showing hidden field values.

The XSP application property setting for "Time Zone" has no effect on this behavior. I added time zone to the display format pattern (MM/dd/YYYY vv) in the viewPanel and also to the field in the form's panel, and both are showing the same time zone, GMT -4. So the date displayed in the viewPanel is in error, as far as I can tell.

I also have verified the same behavior on a Domino 9 server. Is there a workaround for the view list or should we try it on 8.5.2?

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