I have a noremap that sends the current full file path to an interpreter.

The problem is that on windows the \ need to be / -- so when i pass expand("%:p") an error is thrown.

I have figured how to do this with a string in the editing frame in vim using :s@\\@/@g, however, i cannot figure out how to apply the substitute command to the string before sending it from vim to the interpreter.

Is this possible?

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There's a substitute() function that works like :s: Just use substitute(expand("%:p"), '\\', '/', 'g'). However, for this particular character swap, the simpler tr() will suffice: tr(expand("%:p"), '\', '/').

Actually, a simple substitution can actually be combined with expand() (thanks Peter Rincker for the comment!), through a rather obscure feature of filename-modifiers: expand('%:p:gs?\\?/?').

Also, have a look at :set shellslash; it can globally translate backslashes into forward slashes on Windows.

  • +1 / accepted ... thanks (of course it's possible ... this is vim :)
    – ricardo
    Aug 6, 2013 at 7:48
  • 3
    You can to the expand and substitute in one command: expand('%:p:gs?\\?/?'). See :h filename-modifiers for more information. Aug 6, 2013 at 13:39

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