I am packaging my application as jar.


And also I have my .properties-file placed inside of src/main/resources. I can freely move this file to any other place. I don't want properties-file to be included into jar, but rather placed into the same output directory (where we get jar) side-by-side. What is the best practice for this in Maven?


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Okay, one can use goal resources:copy-resources of maven-resources plugin. I am just leaving standard resources folder for embedded (into jar) resources. And for external resource I create another folder: src/main/external-resources. Here I put my .properties-file.

Following piece will copy external resources to output dir upon validate phase. You can alter the phase per your own needs.

  • While building the same using Jenkins why we see only jar but not the directory we configure here in Nexus Nov 7, 2017 at 13:06

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