I study in a university where all of us have an id/password combination to use the internet. Is it possible to connect Google Glass to such an Enterprise WPA 2 network? If yes, how? And if no, is there a solution for this?

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It looks like you can't connect to WPA2 Enterprise as of yet with Glass. For now I'd submit a ticket to Google through their issue tracker if I were you. Glass Issue Tracker

EDIT: Because WPA2 connection isn't a developer issue you should contact the Glass team here instead: Glass Guide Team Support

  • This isn't really a developer API feature, so the linked issue tracker is not the best. The best way to submit this request is to contact the Guide team: support.google.com/glass/answer/3079854
    – mimming
    Aug 6, 2013 at 17:29
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    Ah, my bad. Thanks for letting me know. I'll update my answer to reflect it.
    – acarbonaro
    Aug 6, 2013 at 17:38

The only way I was able to get this to work was to find a cheap router, connect it to the wired network, and then associate Glass with the router's network (which you have set up with WEP or WPA or nothing).

I have also used the "share my internet connection" feature in OS X to share an ethernet connection over AirPort.

...I hope someone chimes in with a better answer, but hopefully this might be enough to get you started?


For a quick test, you could turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot on your smart phone and connect that way. This can only be a temporary measure really, because you can't simultaneously connect to your University Wi-Fi so you would have to use your own data. Not a permanent solution, but OK if you want to do a quick test.

On the other hand, there does seem to be a Glass app you can install here as a work around.

Another alternative is to check if your University has a "guest" network, which is usually a standard connection (i.e. not Enterprise)

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