I have a table 'posts' that has all info about my posts. I want to insert a new row into a different table for all posts that are of type 'public'. I want to run a query that would look something like this:

$ids = (SELECT post_id FROM posts WHERE post_type = 'public')    
foreach($id in $ids){
    INSERT INTO new_posts (post_id, post_data) VALUES ($id, 'hello');

I know I can insert multiple rows in one sql statement, but I need the post_id to change for each one and there are too many for me to change it manually.

What is the correct mysql syntax for this that I can run in my database manager? (Adminer)

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You don't need a loop. You can do it in one query

INSERT INTO new_posts (post_id, post_data)
SELECT post_id, 'hello'
FROM posts 
WHERE post_type = 'public'
  • Thanks! Worked like a charm! Aug 7, 2013 at 7:24

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