I'd prefer to type a short command, like npm install -g, to setup a project's global dependencies, such as node-sass and jshint, than manually typing out npm install -g every single package. Is there an npm-idiomatic way to do this?

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    There isn't really one. dependencies and akin are for packages you intend to require(). Global packages you intend to execute from a terminal/shell/etc. are outside the scope of an individual project. You can however install them locally and still execute them: $ ./node_modules/node-sass ... – Jonathan Lonowski Aug 6 '13 at 21:17
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    Sorry. The last bit should be $ ./node_modules/.bin/node-sass ... – Jonathan Lonowski Aug 6 '13 at 22:38
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You are using npm install -g <pkg> wrong here. -g indicates, that it's no project dependencies, than rather you global (PC wide).

Those plugins are no devDependencies, but CLI runners. What you want is npm install --save-dev every single package upon initialisation. When you need to install those dependencies again you'd just run npm install and include something like ./node_modules/.bin/jshint to your package.json scripts in order not to depend on the CLIs.

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