Adb as working fine for me right up until today. Now, when I try to run adb kill-server, adb just hangs. If I set ADB_TRACE to 1, I get C:\Users\Jamie\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb devices system/core/adb/adb.c::main():Handling commandline() system/core/adb/adb_client.c::adb_query():adb_query: host:devices system/core/adb/adb_client.c::_adb_connect():_adb_connect: host:version

Then it just sits there. I'm out of ideas!


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It turned out that it was happening because of something completely unrelated. Recently, I disabled my firewall from autostarting due to boot time issues. When I started it up manually, it popped up a warning dialog about ADB. When I answered yes to that, it started working.

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