I'm brand-new to the Oracle world so this could be a softball. In working with an SSRS report, I'm passing in a string of states to a view. The twist is that the users could also pick a selection from the state list called "[ No Selection ]" ... (that part was not by doing and I'm stuck with implementing things this way)

If they choose the No Selection option, then I just want to return all states by default, otherwise return just the list of states that are in my comma-separated list.

This really seems like it should be easy but I'm stuck. Here is the code I have so far (just trying to get a sample to work) but my eyes have finally gone crossed trying to get it going.

Could anybody give me some direction on this one please?

  --:stateCode:='[ No Selection ]';

select count(*) as StateCount, :stateCode as SelectedVal
from hcp_state vw
      when (:stateCode = '') then (1)
      when (:stateCode != '') then (vw.state_cd in (:stateCode))
      (else 0)

You can write the where clause as:

where (case when (:stateCode = '') then (1)
            when (:stateCode != '') and (vw.state_cd in (:stateCode)) then 1
            else 0)
       end) = 1;

Alternatively, remove the case entirely:

where (:stateCode = '') or
      ((:stateCode != '') and vw.state_cd in (:stateCode));

Or, even better:

where (:stateCode = '') or vw.state_cd in (:stateCode)
  • (else 0) should not have brackets. – zygimantus May 4 '17 at 12:25
  • 1
    @zygimantus . . . Thank you. It is really curious that there is no edit history, because the format of the code was quite different from my usual indentation style. All fixed now. – Gordon Linoff May 5 '17 at 2:42

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