There is something that I am missing in the following code.

hostnames =  []
ip_addrs  =  []
hw_addrs  =  []

File.open("/etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf", "r").each_line do |line|

  unless line.match('#')                        # Make sure the line is not commented
    if line.match("host-name")
        hostname = line.scan(/"([^"]*)"/)       # extract the Hostname
    elsif line.match("fixed-address")
        ip_addr = line.scan(/(\S*);/)           # Extract IP addr
    elsif line.match("ethernet")
      hw_addr = line.scan(/(\S*);/)             # Extract the HW address

  hostnames + hostname.to_a if hostname         # Protect against `nil' values
  ip_addrs  + ip_addr.to_a  if ip_addr          #  Same
  hw_addrs  + hw_addr.to_a  if hw_addr          #  Same


puts hostnames.inspect                          # Should be a list of hostnames...

This should populate the arrays with the values found in the dhcpd.conf file. If I print the values inside the File.open.each_line block then I get the complete list to STDOUT. When I try to get the values outside of the block I get empty arrays.

I think that the block generates a copy of my variables and works on those, but they don't get passed back out of the block. I'm not sure how the internals work, just a guess.

  • You didn't add it to the hostnames array. Try hostnames << hostname.to_a – Shobhit Aug 7 '13 at 19:28
  • Is this an exact copy of your code? The three statements before the last end don't make sense. Were those supposed to be assignments? – Peter Alfvin Aug 7 '13 at 19:29

If you want to add something to an array you need to use the proper operator:

hostnames += hostname.to_a if hostname

What you're doing is creating a temporary result and discarding it: a + b is not a permanent modification, but a = a + b is, where the short-hand is a += b.

Generally you use << to add single elements to an array, it avoids creating a new array and just appends to the existing one. For example:

hostnames << hostname if hostname

That's generally sufficient. Casting everything to arrays just to concatenate them is wasteful unless you are actually appending several values at once.

  • Right, as soon as I read this I remembered. Thanks. I knew I was missing something simple. – Devon Finninger Aug 7 '13 at 19:57

Change hostnames + hostname.to_a to hostnames << hostname.to_a

In the current version of your code, you don't actually add the hostname to the hostnames array. << pushes the hostname element to hostnames

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