I am building a project that requires an ecosystem of projects (linux, qemu, uboot etc) most of which are in git repositories. I used to manage them all with a script but I find myself implementing stuff that is better done with make. So I decided to migrate my script to a makefile.

The problem is I want to projects to be cloned if not present and pulled if present. Is there a way to do that without repeaing myself too much?

  • What are the basic commands you are using in your makefile to manage working with Git repos? Can you show us a few lines as examples? – user456814 Aug 8 '13 at 1:14
  • I just want to run git clone $GIT_URL $DIR if $DIR doesnt exist and cd $DIR; git pull if it does. Obviously each project has different pairs of $GIT_URL and $DIR... I dont know if I answered your question... – fakedrake Aug 8 '13 at 1:34
  • What OS, and what version of Make? – Beta Aug 8 '13 at 2:19

Something like this would work I think. It doesn't have make do the work because without depending on something inside the project directories I'm not sure you could only conditionally run the clone.

force: ;

proj%: force
    @echo [ -d $@ ] || git clone srv:$@
    @cd $@ && git pull

If you wanted to list something like proj1/.git/config as your entry-point prereq you could split the clone up as an order-only prereq on those with a clone for the project directory. Though you would still need the force on the config prereq to force the pull to happen.

Something like this perhaps:

    git clone srv:$@

proj%/.git/config: force | proj%
    git pull
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    Can you explain this? what is force, what is proj% and how this is serving this purpose: git clone $GIT_URL $DIR if $DIR doesnt exist and cd $DIR; git pull if it does. – Rajat Chaudhary Jul 31 '19 at 10:20

I've been working on a Makefile that mostly has PHONY targets and came up with this pattern:

.PHONY all
all: foo-docker

        git clone https://example.org/foo-project.git $@

.PHONY: foo-update
foo-update: foo
        @cd foo && git pull

.PHONY: foo-docker
foo-docker: foo-update
        @cd foo && docker build

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