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I'm currently developing an application in C# using the IBM Websphere MQ API (v7.5) whose main goal is to getting messages from a queue and store them in a database. All is well, I know to get and browse messages. But I must process messages differently according to their priority.

Is there any "simple" way to get only messages with a given priority ?

I don't want to use a dirty trick like browsing through all the messages, storing the ID of the messages I'm interested in, and then getting them one by one. I read in the MQ documentation that we can use a selector string to browse through particular messages using an SQL like syntax, but I don't find how to do it in C#.

Thanks a lot for your help !

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As of now in MQ .NET, you can use MQC.MQMO_MATCH_MSG_ID and MQC.MQMO_MATCH_CORREL_ID match options to get messages that match message id or correlation id. Getting messages matching a Priority is not available.

Alternatively you switch to using XMS .NETthat allows consumers to be created with SQL92 style selection string. For example you can create consumer with a selection string "JMSPriority > 3 AND manufacturer = 'Jaguar'" to receive only messages that have JMSPriority of 3 and manufacturer name as Jaguar.

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