I am developing a component in J! 2.5 and want to add a browse button on the backend so the user can pick a file they have previously uploaded but when I use a media type in the form.xml I can upload only one picture.

I use the code below in a xml file but I can upload only one picture? How would I go about this?

<field name="image" 

In your XML you have to define new element

<field name="image" type="myelement" label="" description="" class="inputbox" /> 

Now create file models/fields/myelement.php If you use XML file to load form from models/forms/myform.xml it will be found automatically. If not add attridute to <fieldset> parent element


Now in that file create class.

defined('_JEXEC') or die();


class JFormFieldMyelement extends JFormField
    public $type = 'Myelement';

    public function getInput()


Now return whatever you want. You can incorporate any 3d party uploader. For examples what to return in getInput() start typing JFormField and you will see in dropdown available classes.

list of classes


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