Is it possible to check when an account was created with Facebook API?

I would like to allow account creation with Facebook Login only for Facebook users who have a Facebook account for more than one year.

Thank you.

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Facebook API doesn't provide the signup date...

You may take a look at http://metadatascience.com/2013/03/11/inferring-facebook-account-creation-date-from-facebook-user-id/. It explains how to figure out the creation date of a Facebook account without having to call the Facebook API, just based on the user’s Facebook UID.

The documentation lists all the fields you can retrieve using the Graph API.


Sorry @Psyche

As you want it is not provide by facebook graph API

AND, this data is not available. The best you can do is pull the oldest action taken by the user that is available by the API. Most of the times it is a status post.

hope you can understand my answer.

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