I'm trying to build an ANTLR project with Maven, the project structure is like

src/main +

in which G1 imports G2 like:

grammar G1;
import G2;

However, when I build with Maven, I get the following error:

[ERROR] Message{errorType=CANNOT_FIND_IMPORTED_GRAMMAR, args=[G2, fo\bar\G1.g4], e=null, fileName='null', line=-1, charPosition=-1}

It works with no problem if I put G1.g4 and G2.g4 directly under antlr4 directory. It seems to me that, when put the Grammar files in a package, it needs special syntax in the import statement.

I noticed the question Antlr4 maven plugin cannot find grammar files in different directories , but here, the grammars are in one directory.


I think you need the G2.g4 grammar in the imports package (src/main/antlr4/imports), but you will have duplicated your grammar. To avoid this, change the import setting of the ANTLR plugin like this:

      <!-- vvv key part here vvv -->
      <!-- ^^^ key part here ^^^ -->

Note the configuration libDirectory.

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