Given below two links which point to the same page with same content. I'm just trying to give this page the right URL.

I can give it one of the following URLs.




Now, when a search engine sees this, what's the effect on the page's caching by the engine. Do both link have the same effect or one of them can improvise the caching better.

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That depends on the search engine. For example, Google will automatically try to guess if a URL parameter must be treated as a unique webpage, so in your scenario google will guess that the value of url parameter "topic" defines a page. Other search engines may fail on guessing this.

I think its better to use a url with no URL parameters, so its absolutely clear that a url is pointing to a unique page, instead of relying on the guessing ability of a search engine.

Specifically, google gives the ability to webmasters to manually set how a parameter will be treated. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/1235687?hl=en

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