I have installed MySQL 5.5.32 via apt-get install into Ubuntu 13.04.I want to use it in a Java project.For this i must have MySql connector jar.I can not find it.I tried locate *mysql*.jar but it did not find anything.I looked into /etc/mysql but there is no jar in it.I don't want to download it from internet because i believe that it somehow exists in an MySQL folder.Does anybody have any idea where the connector jar went into Ubuntu 13.04?


You'll need to install libmysql-java, the MySQL JDBC driver, because the connector is not in the Ubuntu-packaged MySQL package that you've already installed.

Once it's installed, you'll have the file /usr/share/java/mysql.jar, which is an indirect symlink to the actual jar file.


First, apt-get install libmysql-java

Then mysql.jar is located in /usr/share/java/mysql.jar.

Third, in Eclipse, do this as: Project -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries -> Add External JARs -> select /usr/share/java/mysql.jar

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    Project > Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries (tab) > Add External Jars, just to spell it out completely – Gregory Nisbet Sep 14 '15 at 20:49

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