I know that is not the better way to implement an shell extension in managed code but that not the subject.

I have a C# project who extends the SharpShell library. I followed the tutorial to create a Icon Handler extension. While all my development i was testing my dll on a x64 platform. But now i want to be able to use this dll in the both platform but when I try to register my dll in a Windows x86 explorer crash each time he see one of my extension with a access violation exception :

Problem event name : CLR20r3

So i tried to recompile my dll in Any CPU, x86, x64 but no one work on this platform. I tried to use Server Manager provide by SharpShell or to register manually my dll with regasm but nothing work.

Someone have a clue of what is going on here ?


Not sure what the down-votes are for. Icon Handler extensions will work fine as a single dll, just make sure it's compiled as 'any CPU' - however, when registering it, register with the correct version of regasm (there is one for x64 and one for x86).

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