I'm trying to apply simple functions to groups in pandas. I have this dataframe which I can group by type:

df = pandas.DataFrame({"id": ["a", "b", "c", "d"], "v": [1,2,3,4], "type": ["X", "Y", "Y", "Y"]}).set_index("id")
df.groupby("type").mean()  # gets the mean per type

I want to apply a function like np.log2 only to the groups before taking the mean of each group. This does not work since apply is element wise and type (as well as potentially other columns in df in a real scenario) is not numeric:

# fails

is there a way to apply np.log2 only to the groups prior to taking the mean? I thought transform would be the answer but the problem is that it returns a dataframe that does not have the original type columns:

a   0.000000
b   1.000000
c   1.584963
d   2.000000

Variants like grouping and then applying do not work: df.groupby("type").apply(np.log2). What is the correct way to do this?

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    use applymap on a frame for an element-wise applyer (before grouping); if you want to do: df.groupby('type').apply(lambda x: x.applymap(np.log2)); better yet np.log2(df._get_numeric_data())
    – Jeff
    Aug 8, 2013 at 22:41
  • The first proposal gives ('Not implemented for this type', u'occurred at index type'). The second one works but it drops the type, so you can't group afterwards. _get_numeric_data() can't be used with groups I believe. So can't think of how to use the second one to apply np.log2 to numeric data only and then group or group first and then apply only to groups
    – user248237
    Aug 8, 2013 at 22:47

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The problem is that np.log2 cannot deal with the first column. Instead, you need to pass just your numeric column. You can do this as suggested in the comments, or define a lambda:

df.groupby('type').apply(lambda x: np.mean(np.log2(x['v'])))

As per comments, I would define a function:

df['w'] = [5, 6, 7,8]

def foo(x):
     return x._get_numeric_data().apply(axis=0, func=np.log2).mean()


#              v         w
# type                    
# X     0.000000  2.321928
# Y     1.528321  2.797439
  • I'd like to use something like _get_numeric_data() so that I don't have to compute which columns are numeric (there are several even though in the example there's only v). how can I use that with your solution? as in df.groupby("type").(...something here?...)?
    – user248237
    Aug 8, 2013 at 23:32

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