I have a new certificate from DigiCert .pfx file which when I try to use it for signing gives the error "The specified PFX password is not correct" However the password works fine when installing it locally. I have tried without specifying a password without success. The certificate was given to me buy another person who purchased it.



I had the same issue but solved it by removing " from the password.

Before: signtool.exe sign /f mycert.pfx /p "password" /v /t http://... "application.exe"

After: signtool.exe sign /f mycert.pfx /p password /v /t http://... application.exe


I had the same issue as well when trying to sign dll files with post-build events in Visual Studio. I found out that the issue was having special characters like percentage sign (%) and comma (,) in the password. I fixed it after setting a new password without those special characters.

I hope this helps

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