This is my constructor:

   iconJs =new dojox.mobile.IconItem({label:'', deletable: false, icon:'images/Tile_Toevoegen.png', transition:'slide', class:'klasIcon', url:'views/klappr/addKlas.html', urlTarget:'addKlas', onClick:function(){alert("test onclick");} , callback: function(){alert("test callback");}});

When I click on the iconItem, the alert "test onclick" works. But I need the callbackfunction to work.

In the iconItem guide:

    Function String     
    A callback function that is called when the transition has been finished. A function reference, or name of a function in context.

The alert "test callback" needs to be called when the transition is done, but it doesn't work. Can someone help me out?


I reproduce with Dojo 1.9.1. In addition to item.callback, there is also item.onOpen which could be helpful, however none of them gets called in this case. I think this is a Dojo Mobile bug and I suggest that you enter a ticket at https://bugs.dojotoolkit.org .

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