I got piece of code:

trace((array[0][0] is Date));
trace((array[0][0] as Date).time());

and this is my output:

Fri Aug 9 12:10:00 GMT+0200 2013
TypeError: Error #1006: value is not a function.

I'm confused. How can I fix this?

//edit: Oh, it should be

trace((array[0][0] as Date).time);
trace((array[0][0] as Date).getTime());


trace((array[0][0] as Date).time);

The error says that "time" is not a function of class Date - it is not, it's a property. But there is a function getTime() which might be what you seek.

Date class manual


An refresh() call after setting sort to null made this RTE go away for me.

This solution was originally suggested at ArrayCollection removing sort topic

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