I have a BASH script like the below:


email_template="Subject: Subject
From: example@example.com
To: %s


cat test.out | while read num email limit orders; do
    echo "Sending mail to '$email'"
    printf "$email_template" "$email" "$num" "$limit" "$orders" |
    sendmail -oi -t

Also there is a .sql file with a SQL query contained within that does a SPOOL to test.out with results. How can I make it so that this is all done within the BASH script above (SQL in BASH script, no cat etc.)?


Without seeing the .sql file it is more difficult to say but here are some possibilities:

Add the .sql inline and store it in a bash variable:

mysqlquery="select * from foo;
selct * from baz;
select * from bar;"

echo "${mysqlquery}"|mysql

If you keep the .sql file separate then you can do something like:

mysql < /path/sqlFile.sql

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