Basically, I have a Versioned xcdatamodel and I am migrating from V2 to V3

I created a Mapping Model with a custom policy.

Once the PersistenStoreCoordinator tries to do its job, I hit a Cocoa Error No. 134140 (can't find mapping model for migration)

This Question basically is the same one I'm having but I am using Xcode 4.6.3

Things I have tried:

  • Forcing the xcmappingmodel to reside inside the xcdatamodelId and ensuring my mapping model is not 0kb in size as per the answer of this question
  • Removing the xcdatamodelId references from Xcode and adding them back (answer of this question)
  • Clean and Clean Build Folder options

EDIT Here are my debug statements if anyone is interested...

Handling DB Upgrade
sourceMetadata is {
NSPersistenceFrameworkVersion = 419;
NSStoreModelVersionHashes =     {
    OriginalPicture = <ce8de6ad c694b569 dcc1d706 d4df3928 05052cab 14a092f1 340cbf01 2306e861>;
    PanoramicInfo = <923298fa 0af16c01 d5ba91ca 19c6252c 8adee68a bfe7b86b 75285500 6883a1aa>;
NSStoreModelVersionHashesVersion = 3;
NSStoreModelVersionIdentifiers =     (
NSStoreType = SQLite;
NSStoreUUID = "F83640F3-8686-438F-97CC-48311EB74B9C";
"_NSAutoVacuumLevel" = 2;

Not Compatible Models Migration is NEEDED!
SourceEntity: OriginalPicture: <ce8de6ad c694b569 dcc1d706 d4df3928 05052cab 14a092f1 340cbf01 2306e861>
DestinationEntity: OriginalPicture: <ce8de6ad c694b569 dcc1d706 d4df3928 05052cab 14a092f1 340cbf01 2306e861>
SourceEntity: PanoramicInfo: <923298fa 0af16c01 d5ba91ca 19c6252c 8adee68a bfe7b86b 75285500 6883a1aa>
DestinationEntity: PanoramicInfo: <1d7836cd f3ccf5fa 487c1984 e2b3f46c abc3b706 c06512d5 0bac698c a5d8cb20>
The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 134140.)

Second EDIT

I've been trying to get the Mapping Model directly by using:

NSURL *fileURL = [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource:@"Update23Model" withExtension:@"cdm"];

But strangely fileURL points to nil.....

How do you add the mapping model to the bundle then?


Looks like an Xcode 4.6.3 bug... The xcmappingmodel must not be inside any group folder it seems....

When I created it at the root level of the xcode project, the mapping was found by the IDE.

  • I can't believe the answer was this simple! Did the trick for me! I was getting ready to revert back to old core data model and recreate new one. Thanks so much! Nov 19 '13 at 16:08
  • @DroidChris glad it helped :D
    – gtgaxiola
    Nov 19 '13 at 18:26

Would this answer fix your problem ? The problem seems similar, sorry if it doesn't help.

  • Thanks... I did log and the hash of source is the same I get from sourceMetaData, while the hash of destination differs... still doesn't find the mapping model
    – gtgaxiola
    Aug 9 '13 at 16:19

This can happen if your test device's store is from a version of the data model that no longer exists.

For example I had Data Model Version 7, then I made Data Model Version 8. I made a mapping model to go from 7 to 8. Then I made some more changes to 8. When I open that app, it will give this error because the version of 8 that the mapping model was based on, no longer exists.

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