I have discovered a weird scenario playing with the manifest file attempitng to build a chrome extension. I am using Chrome version 28.0.1500.95 for Mac, and I am confused on how to properly display the extension icon on the toolbar. I have found multiple tutorials that explain to define the "default_icon" : "icon_name.png" within "browser_action" Associative Array like so: "browser_action" : { "default_icon" : "icon_name.png" } However, according to the documentation it is preferred to use the array: icons": { "16": "icon16.png", "48": "icon48.png", "128": "icon128.png" }

The documentation includes details that the original way (my first example) is still supported: the 19 x 19 icon is reengineered to view on a particular display pixel density- which can cause the image to look lossy.

My question is that not all images display when I have the complete setup, my pastebin has my manifest file where the extension manager does not show the 48 px image. I have answered a question of mine writing this all out- the default_icon is 19 x 19 only so it still needs to be added to the manifest. The icons array only allows developers show top quality logos no matter what devices users are using :)

Some forums discussed rebooting the program- or even restarting the computer.


I did not add all the icon values, specifically the

"icons" : { "icon48.png" }

from my code. I only added the 128 pixel image to the icon array so the icon is visible in the extensions manager. This resulted that the default icon never displayed after I added the icons array. Once I finished adding all the image sizes needed then the default item appeared again.

It all comes down to the basic principle that there is an unlimited amount of ways to solve a problem. The method Scott sharedI did not even know you could change it that way.

  • Here is one way.
  • Another way.
  • My way.
  • And of course the method Scott shared.

Thank you!

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The icons that you're mentioning inside browser_action, page_action are shown in the toolbar while the icons that are mentioning outside is shown on the chrome://extensions page


     "default_icon": {
  "16": "images/bridgeglobal16.png",
  "32": "images/bridgeglobal32.png",
  "48": "images/bridgeglobal48.png",
  "128": "images/bridgeglobal128.png"

 "icons": {
  "16": "images/salimeyes16.png",
  "32": "images/salimeyes32.png",
  "48": "images/salimeyes48.png",
  "128": "images/salimeyes128.png"
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