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How can I throw an error message with json_decode?

For instance,

$error = array(
    "key_name" => "Keyname - empty!",
    "pub_name" => "Pubname - empty!",
    "path" => "path - empty!"

$json = json_encode($error);
$object = json_decode($json);

I get,

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$key_namex in C:.... on line 32

keyname does not exist actually, so I wonder if I can check it with the if condition,

if(!$object->keyname) { .... }

is it possible?

and sometimes I there are no error content,

$error = array(

$json = json_encode($error);
$object = json_decode($json);

so I thought of throwing an error before proceeding to the codes that follows,

if($object == '') {...}

is it possible?

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It looks like your problem has nothing to do with json_decode. The title doesn't seem to fit your question at all. – Felix Kling Aug 10 '13 at 15:52
thanks for pointing it out. please change the title to the correct one if you like. thanks. – teelou Aug 10 '13 at 16:05
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You should prefer to use property_exists() over isset().

As opposed with isset(), property_exists() returns TRUE even if the property has the value NULL.

if( property_exists($object, 'keyname') ){ 
   throw new Exception( 'Object key does not exist.' ); //I prefer this method
   trigger_error( 'Object key does not exist.', E_USER_ERROR );

Incidentally, the same pattern should be used with arrays (array_key_exists is preferred over isset for that same reason).

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keyname does not exist actually, so I wonder if I can check it with the if condition,

You can, but with noo plain if but using isset:

if (isset($object->keyname)) { 


Just as you would for any variable / array offset.

As for checking if object has any properties, either use second argument to json_decode (to have associative array) or cast it to array and check if it is empty:

$obj = json_decode('{}');
if (!empty((array)$obj)) {
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thanks for the answer! :) – teelou Aug 10 '13 at 16:03

Ok not tested but you should be able to throw and catch json decode errors like this. You could extend this also to handle encode.

class Json {

   public static function decode($jsonString) {  
       if ((string)$jsonString !== $jsonString) {  // faster !is_string check
          throw new Exception('input should be a string');

       $decodedString = json_decode($jsonString)

       if ((unset)$decodedString === $decodedString) { // faster is_null check, why NULL check because json_decode return NULL with failure. 
           $errorArray = error_get_last(); // fetch last error this should be the error of the json decode or it could be a date timezone error if you didn't set it correctly   

           throw new Exception($errorArray['message']); 
       return $decodedString;

try {
} catch (Exception $e) {  }
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