I am quite new for zookeeper port through which I am coming across from past few days.
I introduced with zookeeper port keyword at two occasion:

  • while configuring neo4j db cluster (link) and
  • while running compiled voltdb catalog (link) (See Network Configuration Arguments)

Then, I came across Apache Zookeeper, (which I guess is related to distributed application, I am a newbie in distributed application as well). hence question came in my mind:

  1. is there any implementation of apache zookeeper in above 2 scenarios ?
  2. What exactly this zookeeper port do internally ?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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Zookeeper is used in distributed applications mainly for configuration management and high availability operations. Zookeeper does this by a Master-Slave architecture. Neo4j and VoltDb might be using zookeeper for this purpose

Coming to the ports understanding : suppose u have 3 servers for zookeepers ... You need to mention in configuration as


Out of these one server will be the master and rest all will be slaves.If any server goes OFF then zookeeper elects leader automatically .

Servers listen on three ports: 2181 for client connections; 2888 for follower connections, if they are the leader; and 3888 for other server connections during the leader election phase .

  • as per your this line server.1=zookeeper1:2888:3888 is concern, did you mean that hostname is zookeeper ? because above configuration is present in neo4j coord.cfg file.. – agpt Aug 12 '13 at 12:13
  • Yes zookeeper1(zookeeper2,zookeeper3) refers to HostName – Sandeep Das Aug 23 '13 at 5:30

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