I'm doing a tutorials on node.js, and the lesson is teaching me how to create a server using node. In the code below, what does the connect.bodyParser() line do?

var app = connect()
    .use(function (req, res) {
        if (req.url === '/process') {
            res.end(req.body.name + ' would repeat ' + req.body.repeat + ' times.');
        } else {
            res.end("Invalid Request");

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It populates req.body with (among other things) the value of the POST parameters. Here's the doc and examples: http://expressjs.com/api.html#req.body

bodyParser is a part of "Connect", a set of middlewares for node.js. Here's the real docs and source from Connect: http://www.senchalabs.org/connect/bodyParser.html

As you can see, it's simply a thin wrapper that tries to decode JSON, if fails try to decide URLEncoded, and if fails try to decode Multi-Part.

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