Jump with CtrlI doesn't work in my Vim, but CtrlO works.

It's weird, verbose map <c-i> or verbose map <c-I> shows below:

s  <Tab>         <Plug>snipMateNextOrTrigger
    Last set from ~/.vim/bundle/vim-snipmate/after/plugin/snipMate.vim
x  <Tab>         >gv
    Last set from ~/.vim/plugin/settings/Settings.vim
n  <Tab>         v>
    Last set from ~/.vim/plugin/settings/Settings.vim

When I press CtrlI, the current line will be indented, and vim goes to Visual Mode.

I tried to add unmap <c-i> to ~/.gvimrc, but it failed, when macvim starts

Error detected while processing /Users/dfang/.vimrc:
line   83:
E31: No such mapping

How can I get back my CtrlI, and how can I remap CtrlO to Ctrl- (left from = key) ?

  • May you show the output of :verbose map <C-I>? – user1146332 Aug 11 '13 at 19:26
  • hi @user1146332, i edited the question. verbose map <c-i> or <c-I> or <C-I> or <C-i> output same result. – dfang Aug 11 '13 at 19:33
  • 1
    romainl has cleared it up. I just didn't know that <C-i> and <Tab> are equivalent. – user1146332 Aug 11 '13 at 20:47
  1. <C-i> and <Tab> are strictly equivalent.

  2. You are actively overriding <Tab> and therefore <C-i> in ~/.vim/plugin/settings/Settings.vim.

  3. If you want <C-i> to work normally don't override it (or <Tab>). Simple.

  4. Unless you have a very specific reason to do so, you don't need to put anything in ~/.gvimrc.

  5. The normal place for your settings/mappings is ~/.vimrc, there's no valid reason to put them anywhere else (~/.vim/plugin/settings/Settings.vim or wherever).

  6. Use nnoremap <C-+> <C-o> if you want <C-+> to do what <C-o> does, whatever benefit you think you will get from doing that.

  • i don't override <C-i>, it's snipMate, so how can i unmap it? thanks ! – dfang Aug 12 '13 at 6:02
  • As evidenced by the output of :map, you override it in ~/.vim/plugin/settings/Settings.vim: it should look like nmap <Tab> V>. Remove that mapping to fix your problem. – romainl Aug 12 '13 at 7:09
  • i will try, thanks very much ! – dfang Aug 12 '13 at 7:18

Ye snipmate is adding the mapping.

Thanks @dfang. Based on your question

I tried to add unmap <c-i> to ~/.gvimrc, but it failed, when macvim starts

I tried to use <C-i> instead and it worked!

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