Admittedly, a strange combo .. but I'm poor and this is the hardware I have to work with.

When running in Ubuntu 13.04 from the stick, I tried the installation command line as follows: curl https://install.meteor.com | /bin/sh

All appears to download fine but when the installation begins, a string of files with the same error message appended runs on the screen.

The common error message is:

Directory renamed before its status could be extracted.

Any help is appreciated.

also, maybe there's a better way to get this installed on the following hardware: CPU: Intel Atom n270@1.6 GHzx2 Graphics: Intel 945GMEx86/MMX/SSE2 os:32 bit

I tried a direct install on the native windows boot .. but no go.

Any help appreciated!


You said you tried direct install on Windows, but gave no details - it should work fine. What was the problem? Which version of Windows are you using? You can use either an MSI install or an Exe installer from: https://github.com/sdarnell/meteor/wiki/Windows


OK..for any other Ubuntu/Linux noobs out there caught up in the same stupid mistake as I was (if any..haha) .. the answer is prefix this command: $ curl https://install.meteor.com | /bin/sh

With sudo .. soo: $ sudo curl https://install.meteor.com | /bin/sh

The error message is a user permission error from tar.

hope this helps someone else! There wasn't a clear answer to be found but I guessed. :-) This probably means everyone else knows this...now, me, too.


I just had the exact same thing happen with Meteor while installing via Docker. Looks like it might be a bug in tar or at least in Meteor's use of it. I found that adding the --absolute-names flag fixed this problem for me.

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