I'm getting 500 error when running SignalR on secure websocket when running on IIS Express. Site is running on localhost:44300 with default cert. It works just fine with longPolling.

When changing to webSockets, I'm getting following error:

WebSocket connection to 
failed: Unexpected response code: 500 

If the error is due to self-signed cert, how do I disable it with SignalR and websockets?

Or could it be caused by something else?

  • You need to check logs for more details on exception for error 500. – moka Feb 21 '14 at 11:28

I tried solving this issue with initializing EventMachine, by inserting the following code in an initializer config/initializers/eventmachine.rb:

Thread.new { EventMachine.run } unless EventMachine.reactor_running? && EventMachine.reactor_thread.alive?

and it worked for me!

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Maybe check this out:


BTW: Internal Error (500)

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