I am submitting my app to the app store which uses location services (GPS dot) and MKPinAnnotations and doesn't use anything else for a map, and it looks from what I have researched that the Routing Coverage File is used for overlays?

I dont think I need a Routing Coverage File, but when I go to publish, xcode errors out saying it is missing in the Itunes Connect.

The category for the app is Utilities. It was also navigation but I unticked this hoping it would solve the issue and it didn't.

How can I get around this?

  • any solution to this? – Jann Oct 29 '13 at 20:12

I had the exact same issue earlier today when trying to publish an application that uses the MapKit but does not offer routing capabilities. I resolved it by deselecting all supported routing modes under '{Target} --> Capabilities --> Maps'. If you are just looking at the Info.plist file then you can remove the the MKDirectionsApplicationSupportedModes key and the CFBundleTypeName key that equals MKDirectionsRequest.

        <!--Remove both of these key/value pairs -->



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turn off map capability solved my problem,

xcode - next to general tap, you should see capability tab,

scroll down to maps section, turn it off,

general tab, change you build and version different from last time,

re-upload to app store.

This time it would not ask for routing profile coverage file,



This took me a long time to figure out, but the problem was with my scheme. It was the routing app coverage file location. I just change it to "None". Go to your scheme -> Edit Scheme -> Run -> Options -> Routing App Coverage File, change it to None. see here

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