I'm using NOTPAD++ and I wonder how I can highlight codes in tpl files.

I googled online and there are answers but none of them works. For intance, http://sourceforge.net/p/notepad-plus/discussion/331753/thread/3067a53d/

Any ideas?

Or any other better programmes than NOTEPAD++ for highlighting codes in tpl files?


I found these instructions and worked for me.


  • Step 1) Run Notepad++ using from “Run as Administrator”.
  • Step 2) Go to “Settings”->”Style Configurator”.
  • Step 3) Add in the .tpl extension name into the “User ext” column by choosing PHP or html as a Language on from the options on left hand selection box.
  • Step 4) Click Save & Close on next.
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  • selecting php would be more adequate, because includes html and php. Selecting html includes only html. – NoWomenNoCry Sep 21 '17 at 9:27

I'm Use sublime text 3 in this is work.

You open tpl file in sublime with highlight code so,following below step.

  1. Open Sublime.
  2. Go to Menu in Preference Option.
  3. Preference in Click Package Control Option.
  4. Open One Popup Open.In You Select Install Package Option.
  5. Another One Popup Open in You Enter smarty keyword and You Click Smarty Syntax Package.
  6. This Package is install after Your tpl file is highlighting with smarty
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How about userDefineLang_smarty.xml:


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My search for a good and free Smarty Editor, resulted in Netbeans with a Smarty Plugin (named PHP Smarty Framework). I am an eclipse user, whenever I need to work on views (templates) I switch to Netbeans. But, I accept this as a Temporary solution and looking for a working smarty plugin for Eclipse.

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SynWrite editor, also free, allows you to create TPL lexer of any kind. See lexer-related tutorials in Readme folder.

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I've just tried, the highliting dont seems to work properly (text in white, bg in black).

is it working for you?

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