use constant {
    COLUMNS => qw/ TEST1 TEST2 TEST3 /,

Can I store an array using the constant package in Perl?

Whenever I go on to try to use the array like my @attr = (COLUMNS);, it does not contain the values.

  • Even after modifying your code as shown by the answers below, the result will not be very useful as you can still modify the contents of a constant reference: perl -e 'use constant C => [1,2,3]; C->[1] = 5; print C->[1]. "\n";'
    – josch
    Sep 5 '18 at 8:25

Or remove the curly braces as the docs show :-

  1 use strict;
  2 use constant COLUMNS => qw/ TEST1 TEST2 TEST3 /;
  4 my @attr = (COLUMNS);
  5 print @attr;

which gives :-

 % perl test.pl

Your code actually defines two constants COLUMNS and TEST2 :-

use strict;
use constant { COLUMNS => qw/ TEST1 TEST2 TEST3 /, };

my @attr = (COLUMNS);
print @attr;
print TEST2

and gives :-

% perl test.pl
  • +1 The use of braces (a hashref) imposes an interpretation the OP doesn't want.
    – pilcrow
    Aug 12 '13 at 13:56

Use a + to signify that it's a contant.

use constant {
  COLUMNS => [qw/ TEST1 TEST2 TEST3 /],

print @{+COLUMNS};

The + is a hint to the interpreter that the constant is actually a constant, and not a bare word. See this reply for more details.


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