I am using the Trove collections, and more specifically, its primitive arrayList for ints.

The declaration of the list is as follows:

TIntArrayList list= new TIntArrayList();

However, I am facing a compilation error I cannot explain. When I declare the list as follows:

import gnu.trove.list.array.TIntArrayList;

public class Main {

   TIntArrayList list= new TIntArrayList();

, the code runs correctly as expected. However, when I declare the list (with different import statement) as follows:

import gnu.trove.*; 

public class Main {

    TIntArrayList list= new TIntArrayList();

, a compilation error appears about not recognising TIntArrayList.

I was wondering why this error appears? I thought that by using * the list should be recognized. This error doesn't appear when java.util.*; is used instead of java.util.arrayList;.


The difference is that the * does not import sub-levels, but only everything in the current level. If you used import gnu.trove.list.array.*, it would work as you expect.

The reason it works on java.util.* is because the ArrayList class is in the same folder as the wildcard.


The .* addition only counts for all classes in the directory representing that package name. Java package names aren't really directories, directories are just used to organize classes.

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