I am trying to use powershell remoting from Server A to server B using Enter-PSSession -Computername ServerB. Both servers are in the same domain. Remoting is enabled on server B using Enable-PSRemoting , which has worked fine. I can use Enter-PSSession -computername command from ServerA to other servers fine.

when trying Enter-PSSession -Computername ServerB from SErver A, it gives following error:

FullyqualifiedErrorId: CreateRemoteRunSpaceFailed

Running winrm get winrm/config on serverB gives following:

    Address = *
    Transport = HTTP
    Port = 5985
    Enabled = true
    URLPrefix = wsman
    ListeningOn =,, ::1, 2002:b40a:1a8b::b40a:1a8b, fe80::100:7f:fffe%12, fe80::200:5efe:, fe80::681a:e480:25fd:e50e%13

Firewall on all servers is off.

Any Idea on "FullyqualifiedErrorId: CreateRemoteRunSpaceFailed" error?

thanks vb


Do you have a matching user account on server B? Have you tried doing:

Enter-PSSession -Computername ServerB -Credential (Get-Credential)

and setting your domain username/password?


Have you added the other server(ServerB) to trusted hosts list in serverA? If not add it as below:

Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts ServerB


Trusted hosts and local accounts should not be used if the machines are in the same domain and the user has local admin rights.

The machines Can you ping Server b from server a?

You said you can remote to other machines from Server A can you remote to Server B from other machines?

Has your user account got local admin rights on server B?

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