I've installed Cloud9 IDE on my linux machine in order to play around with it a bit (I had to use nodejs 0.8 because cloud9 uses a package that depends on node-waf, which is no longer supported by higher versions of nodejs).

I can start it up without problems, however when I try to access Cloud9 via browser, it constantly gives me the error message: File already exists.. Here's a trace from the log:

Error: File already exists.
  at module.exports.from (/home/xyz/repos/cloud9/node_modules/vfs-local/localfs.js:678:35)
  at Object.fs.exists [as oncomplete] (fs.js:91:19)

Relevant code section:

exists(topath, function(exists){
                  if (options.overwrite || !exists) {
                      // Rename the file
                      fs.rename(frompath, topath, function (err) {
                          if (err) return callback(err);

                          // Rename metadata
                          if (options.metadata !== false) {
                              rename(WSMETAPATH + from, {
                                  to: WSMETAPATH + to,
                                  metadata: false
                              }, function(err){
                                  callback(null, meta);
                  else {
                      var err = new Error("File already exists.");
                      err.code = "EEXIST";

When the error occurs, the topath variable is set to the workspace settings file (/home/xyz/repos/cloud9/workspace/.settings)

Has anyone else had an error like this? How can I resolve it?

thx in advance

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Reinstalling cloud9

First option, maybe you could try using this workaround installation procedure: https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues/2904#issuecomment-22518669

Second option, if you are willing to always use an older node-version for running cloud9 as you indicated, I used the following installation procedure and it worked (assuming you already installed nvm). Then you can still use the cloud9.sh-file for starting:

git clone git://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9.git
cd cloud9
nvm install 0.8.8
sed -i -e 's/~//g' package.json
npm config set ca=""
npm install
sed -i s/connect.session.file/connect.session.memory/ configs/default.js 

Not sure if 0.8.8 is the best node-version for cloud9 but it works for me :) Last step seems necessary because of https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues/2005#issuecomment-11372587 :)

Then before starting cloud9 you always have to enter:

nvm use 0.8.8

Or you set 0.8.8 as the default node version if you don't use node much otherwise:

nvm alias default 0.8.8

Fix problem without reinstalling

Third option, if you don't want to repeat the installation procedure you could try just reinstalling the vfs-local-module in the cloud9 directory:

npm install [email protected]

Haven't tested this though :)

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