I've been using the org.apache.commons.mail.HtmlEmail class, from apache commons-mail, for some time. Eventually, some users complain that the email shows with no attachemnts on their e-mail client (problem reported in Outlook 2007 and Lotus Notes).

One user have even analysed the problem and sent me the following link:


I have read that others: have switched to raw javax.mail API due to this problem.

Here's the part of the code which attaches the files:

private void dummy(List<Map<String, byte[]>> attachments, String htmlText) throws EmailException {
    HtmlEmail memail;

    memail = new HtmlEmail();
    memail.setTextMsg("Your mail client doesn't recognize HTML e-mails.");

    Iterator<Map<String, byte[]>> iter = attachments.iterator();
    while (iter.hasNext()) {
        Map<java.lang.String, byte[]> map = iter.next();

        Set<Entry<String, byte[]>> entries = map.entrySet();
        for (Entry<String, byte[]> entry : entries) {
            try {
                ByteArrayDataSource bads = new ByteArrayDataSource(
                        entry.getValue(), null);
                memail.embed(bads, entry.getKey());
//              memail.attach(bads, entry.getKey(), ""); // if I use this, the html message 
                        // gets displaced
            } catch (IOException e) {
                throw new EmailException(e);
    // ... continues

Have anyone experienced that before?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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It seems that there was a problem with commons-email version 1.1. Upgrading to 1.2 seems to solve the problem.

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