I'm wondering where I can find a list of what every variable is in the Search Engine settings.

When you input a Search Engine into the settings, there are a number of variables attached, for example:

  • %s - The search query you're running
  • inputEncoding - The input encoding (i.e. UTF-8)
  • RLZ - ???
  • baseURL - ???
  • assistedQueryStats - ???

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Google Chrome takes advantage of OpenSearch, "a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results", as their specification for search query handling. The specification can be found here. But this only applies to any terms that are not prefixed with "google:". Because "google:" prefixed variables are subject to change, it is best to, at this time, reference directly to the source code of the URL management, which can be found here. The source code is also subject to change.

  • "google:" prefixed search variables can be found here.
  • All other search variables can be found here.

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