I have a python script which is executed in Jython under Apache Pig. It defines some functions with the @schemaFunction resp. the @outputSchemaFunction decorator.

I want to test theses function with a standalone python main script outside Pig just under a "normal local Python interpreter. However when I run the script under a local Python system, the interpreter complains: "NameError: name 'outputSchema' is not defined" I understand that the standalone Python obviously does not support these decorators.

How can I test my script in a local Python interpreter? Can I somehow define the decorators in the calling script as "empty"? Or is there something like a command line option to ignore decorators?


I'm using pig 0.10.0.

When the module is used by pig as a UDF it sets __name__ to __lib__. Normally, __name__ is set to the actual name of the module (minus the .py). Therefore, you can define some empty decorators for outputSchema and outputSchemaFunction inside of an if block. Something like:



if __name__ != '__lib__':
    def outputSchema(dont_care):
        def wrapper(func):
            def inner(*args, **kwargs):
                return func(*args, **kwargs)
            return inner
        return wrapper

# Your UDFs go here

You can verify this yourself by putting print __name__ at the top of the myudfs.py.

  • Works perfectly. I'm using pig 0.11.1. Thanks. – halloleo Aug 15 '13 at 0:34

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