I am having problems with fragments or maybe rather the way I want them to work.

In my activity I have a layout container (R.id.container1) to which I add a fragment (FragMain) programmatically at startup. In the fragment I have 2 Fragments (Frag1, Frag2) and a ViewPager which loads several other fragments (FragA, FragB, FragC, FragD, FragE) via a FragmentPagerAdapter.

On a button press I replace the whole content of R.id.container1, so FragMain is replaced with another Fragment (FragSub). Now when I press the back button, FragMain is loaded again, but the ViewPager isn't fully initialized, some Fragments are missing. From what I observed, it's always FragB and FragD missing, If I scroll to the empty views, the app crashes. The other fragments seem to be fine. What's going wrong here?

This thread suggests using getChildFragmentManager in creation of the PagerAdapter, but I am already doing that... Fragment in ViewPager not restored after popBackStack

I am accessing the fragments via e.g.


Is this the best way?

Some Code :

MainActivity's onCreate

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    pagerFragList = new Vector<Fragment>();
    pagerFragList.add(Fragment.instantiate(this, FragA.class.getName()));
    pagerFragList.add(Fragment.instantiate(this, FragB.class.getName()));
    pagerFragList.add(Fragment.instantiate(this, FragC.class.getName()));
    pagerFragList.add(Fragment.instantiate(this, FragD.class.getName()));
    pagerFragList.add(Fragment.instantiate(this, FragE.class.getName()));

    FragMain fragMain = (FragMain)getSupportFragmentManager().findFragmentByTag(FragMain.debugTag);
    if(fragMain==null) fragMain = new FragMain();
    FragmentHelper.replaceSupportFragment(this, fragMain, R.id.container1, false, FragMain);



public Vector<Fragment> getFragList() {
    return pagerFragList;

FragMain's onViewCreated

public void onViewCreated(View view, Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    super.onViewCreated(view, savedInstanceState);

    pagerAdapter = new PagerAdapter(getChildFragmentManager(), ((MainActivity)getActivity()).getFragList());
    viewPager = ((ViewPager)view.findViewById(R.id.viewPager));
    viewPager.setCurrentItem(0, true);


The PagerAdapter

public class PagerAdapter extends FragmentPagerAdapter {

private List<Fragment> fragments;

public PagerAdapter(FragmentManager fm, List<Fragment> fragments) {

public Fragment getItem(int position) {
    return fragments.get(position);

public int getCount() {
    return fragments.size();



Have no idea why this seems to be fixing it on my end, but try commenting out your "viewPager.setOffscreenPageLimit(5);" line.

I'm still investigating and will be back with more if I find anything else useful out.

The other thing it turns out that I had to do was override the "state" methods of a FragmentStatePagerAdapter like this:

public Parcelable saveState() {
    return null;

public void restoreState(Parcelable state, ClassLoader loader) {
    //do nothing

In order to bypass whatever strange thing that was causing problems (must have had something to do with saving and restoring the states of nested fragments in a ViewPager...


There are alot of permutations involving the state of fragments and backstack transitions. For debug, it may help to isolate the event you are working with (backbutton , orientation change ... ) and to look at the following before and after your event....

state of fragment manager which includes the backstack i believe...

        getFragmentManager().dump("", null, 
                 new PrintWriter(System.out, true), null);

see this thread

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