How do I remove the white border around the vAxis textPosition 'in' text style on Google Charts Bar Chart?

My styling looks like this:

vAxis: { 'textPosition': 'in', 'textStyle': { color: 'black', 'stroke': 0 } },

I would like to have no surrounding white area around the black text within my coloured bars.

See this link: https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/bubblechart

Notice how the Bubbles have text inside them with a white border around them. I want to remove this border so that the black text sits directly over the bubble colour with no border around the black text.

I have tried lots of combinations such as:

'textStyle': { color: 'black', 'stroke': 0 }
'textStyle': { color: 'black', 'strokeWidth': 0 }
'textStyle': { color: 'black', 'border': 0 }
'textStyle': { color: 'black', 'border': 'none' }

Nothing I have tried makes any difference. I still have the white border around the text.

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There is an undocumented 'auraColor' option that applies to several, if not all, 'textStyle' options. For example,

textStyle: { auraColor: 'white' }

Setting it to 'none' will remove it.

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