I'm trying to query a text_general field named body for times like 9:15, 9:15pm, 9:15p, etc. I tried both of the following queries via the REST API without success:

  • q=body:9\:15* gives me no hits, missing docs that mention 9:15
  • q=body:"9:15"* gives me all docs, including docs that have nothing resembling 9:15

Debugging in Chrome, I enter these directly in the browser. I've also tried encodeURIComponent on the values to make sure the content isn't lost in HTTP translation. Same outcome either way.

I'm guessing there's a simple answer here and my mental model of how Solr queries work is just broken.


In cases like that I often do 2 things:

  1. Turn Solr query debug on, so I can see that really goes into query. You will see extra node at the end of response.

  2. Examine field analyser with Analysis tool. (url based on Solr's example core)


Both methods should tell you exactly what is going wrong with your query. In second one you can check how matching work without reindexing anything.


Your time string gets tokenized following the Unicode standard annex UAX#29. So the colon should be stripped out. I think if you check you will see that your results should contain either 9 or 15.

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