I have been working on this today (just starting learning PHP a few days ago). I have been trying to get a form to send from a php file, to gmail and so on. That works great. But, it still gives an error after its all said and done.
So the email sends, but it confuses the user, it makes it look like it did not.

I did this using a tutorial. The guy explaining all of it was really throwing in a lot of javascript and css. I tried to avoid most of it. Now I am left with a lot of code after the mail sends that I don't understand, and it is breaking my contact page because everything works great, then when it tries to finish up the script the server errors out.

Is there a way anyone can look at my current set up and see what can be done to make the php file play nice with the HTML after the mail is sent?


<form method="post" action="contact_form.php">
                <label for="name">Name:</label>
                <input name="name" type="text" class="txt" id="name" size="30" />
                <label for="company">Company:</label>
                <input name="company" type="text" class="txt" id="company" size="30" />
                <label for="city">Email:</label>
                <input type="text" name="email" id="email" class="txt" />
                <label for="comments">Comments:</label>
                <textarea name="comments" cols="30" rows="5" class="txtarea" id="comments"></textarea>
                <label for="blank">&nbsp;</label>
                <input type="submit" name="btn_submit" id="btn_submit" class="btn" value="Send"/>



$name = trim($_POST['name']);
$company = $_POST['company'];
$email = $_POST['email'];
$comments = $_POST['comments'];

$site_owners_email = 'support@macnx.com'; // Replace this with your own email address
$site_owners_name = 'Landin'; // replace with your name

if (strlen($name) < 2) {
    $error['name'] = "Please enter your name";  

if (!preg_match('/^[a-z0-9&\'\.\-_\+]+@[a-z0-9\-]+\.([a-z0-9\-]+\.)*+[a-z]{2}/is', $email)) {
    $error['email'] = "Please enter a valid email address"; 

if (strlen($comments) < 3) {
    $error['comments'] = "Please leave a comment.";

if (!$error) {

    $mail = new PHPMailer();

    $mail->From = $email;
    $mail->FromName = $name;
    $mail->Subject = "Website Contact Form";
    $mail->AddAddress($site_owners_email, $site_owners_name);
    $mail->Body = $email . $company . $comments;


    $mail->Mailer = "smtp";
    $mail->Host = "smtp.gmail.com";
    $mail->Port = 587;
    $mail->SMTPSecure = "tls"; 

    $mail->SMTPAuth = true; // turn on SMTP authentication
    $mail->Username = "inquiry@getgearhead.com"; // SMTP username
    $mail->Password = "B******A"; // SMTP password


    echo "<li class='success'> Congratulations, " . $name . ". We've received your email. We'll be in touch as soon as we possibly can! </li>";

} # end if no error
else {

    $response = (isset($error['name'])) ? "<li>" . $error['name'] . "</li> \n" : "";
    $response .= (isset($error['email'])) ? "<li>" . $error['email'] . "</li> \n" : "";
    $response .= (isset($error['comments'])) ? "<li>" . $error['comments'] . "</li>" : "";

    echo $response;
} # end if there was an error sending?>

It is all the code after $mail->Send(); that is giving me trouble. Everything sends just dandy, but then the error. Anyone know a way that I can modify the code of the php and html file to get a successful message to the person sending the form, not a server 500 error.

Thank You!

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    Check your web server's log file to see what the error is. – nullability Aug 14 '13 at 21:42
  • I have been trying to, but I have no access. I did a info.php command on the server and it showed me where the error logs are located, but I have no idea how to get there. I emailed my host provider, should produce some results. – jackrflick Aug 14 '13 at 21:46
  • In that case, you can get some error messages if you enable error reporting in the script itself. Follow these instructions: stackoverflow.com/questions/6575482/… – nullability Aug 14 '13 at 21:48
  • @jackrflick This line, and if it's your actual working code and not just to show us, } # end if there was an error sending?> your ?> being in the comment line # may be at fault. Try to move your ?> underneath that, or just get rid of # end if there was an error sending entirely, leaving just } ?> at the end. Give that a try and let me know. – Funk Forty Niner Aug 14 '13 at 21:59
  • Sorry about the delay in my response. I added the $> there because this text editor here was acting up. It isn't actually in the command kind. But I will try both of your suggestions, and I will report back. Thank you! – jackrflick Aug 15 '13 at 1:49

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