I want to fill an entire line in the screen with * characters and stop just before break line?

Something like this

********** MENU **********


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>>> print(' MENU '.center(80, '*'))
************************************* MENU *************************************

Note that 80 is not the actual width of the screen. It's just an arbitrary number I choose because it's the usual size of the console window on Windows. If you want to determine the actual screen width you can try these examples for Linux and Windows.

  • I like this much better than mine. Format strings make me a bit anxious because I can never remember the syntax for all the awesome things you can do with them. – Phillip Cloud Aug 19 '13 at 16:00

You can also do this with format strings

In [32]: '{0:*^80}'.format('MENU')
Out[32]: '**************************************MENU**************************************'

This says use the '*' character to pad 'MENU' to 80 characters in the center. The '^' character indicates center.

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