The default label text of root node is filename. If I created a filename called test.mydsl, it will show test as label. But I want to change is to full filename test.mydsl.

First I override createRoot(IXtextDocument document) to get a IXtextDocument type object, but seems filename information doesn't exist in it.

Second try is simply appending .mydsl in the end of original text. the weird thing is if I override _text(Model model) in the subclass

def _xtext(Model model) { return super._xtext(model) }

Will give original label test as expected. However, if I try to append a string with it, it will fail

def _xtext(Model model) {
   val filename = super._xtext(model)
   // or cast it to a string
   val filename = super._xtext(model) as String

   return filename + ".mydsl"

The value of filename is always null. Is the return value of _xtext() something else than String?


You can use a readOnly operation to query the document for the resource and ask that one for its URI. Something like this will do the trick:

myXtextDocument.readOnly(new IUnitOfWork<String, XtextResource>() {
  public String exec(XtextResource resource) {
    return resource.getURI().lastSegment();
  • Which readOnly operation should I use to query the document and how could I get the URI for that document resource?
    – Ray Wu
    Aug 15 '13 at 20:37
  • I added a snippet to the answer Aug 16 '13 at 6:34

Nice! Here is my xtend code snippet in outline provider class

override createRoot(IXtextDocument doc) {

  filename = doc.readOnly([res|
    return res.URI.lastSegment


and return class member variable filename in def _text(ROOT_NODE_TYPE)

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