I'm having difficulty getting png support into a django project.

I'm in a virtual env with python 3.3.2 and Django 1.5. Everything ran smoothly when on linux, but I've moved over to OSX and am having some trouble getting situated.

I have been using pillow for image support in the project, but on osx when installing pillow I get:

version      Pillow 2.1.0
platform     darwin 3.3.2 (default, Aug 14 2013, 21:19:39)
             [GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 4.2 (clang-425.0.28)]
--- TKINTER support available
--- JPEG support available
*** ZLIB (PNG/ZIP) support not available
*** TIFF G3/G4 (experimental) support not available
*** FREETYPE2 support not available
*** LITTLECMS support not available
*** WEBP support not available

I only care about the missing zlib. I have no idea how to get this going. Hours of trying various google results didn't help, so here I am. There are no dev packages like on linux, so I installed libpng, libzip via brew but that wasn't right apparently.

Does anyone know how I might tackle this?


This is what worked for me (OSX 10.9, Python 2.7.8):

$ brew tap homebrew/dupes
$ brew install zlib
$ brew link --force zlib

Then install Pillow:

$ pip install Pillow
  • You made my day! It works fine on MAC OS X 10.9.4. – KnightWhoSayNi Nov 26 '14 at 18:55

Before installing Pillow you should install its dependencies. To fix:

First uninstall Pillow

pip uninstall Pillow

Then install it's dependencies

brew install libtiff libjpeg webp littlecms

I already had installed the following, but you can give it a try:

brew install libpng zlib

Re-install Pillow

pip install Pillow

This command in your virtualenv should help without tapping dupes in homebrew:

pip install -I --no-cache-dir pillow -v --global-option=build_ext --global-option="-I$(xcrun --show-sdk-path)/usr/include"

It works for me on OS X El Capitan but it should also work on other versions.


May be this link can you help.

It is packages install universal binaries for Mac OS X

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