Is it possible to access route parameters within a filter?

e.g. I want to access the $agencyId parameter:

Route::group(array('prefix' => 'agency'), function()

    # Agency Dashboard
    Route::get('{agencyId}', array('as' => 'agency', 'uses' => 'Controllers\Agency\DashboardController@getIndex'));


I want to access this $agencyId parameter within my filter:

Route::filter('agency-auth', function()
    // Check if the user is logged in
    if ( ! Sentry::check())
        // Store the current uri in the session
        Session::put('loginRedirect', Request::url());

        // Redirect to the login page
        return Redirect::route('signin');

    // this clearly does not work..?  how do i do this?
    $agencyId = Input::get('agencyId');

    $agency = Sentry::getGroupProvider()->findById($agencyId);

    // Check if the user has access to the admin page
    if ( ! Sentry::getUser()->inGroup($agency))
        // Show the insufficient permissions page
        return App::abort(403);

Just for reference i call this filter in my controller as such:

class AgencyController extends AuthorizedController {

     * Initializer.
     * @return void
    public function __construct()
        // Apply the admin auth filter
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    you can use this $agencyId=Request::segment(2) to get the agencyId in filter Aug 15 '13 at 10:59

Input::get can only retrieve GET or POST (and so on) arguments.

To get route parameters, you have to grab Route object in your filter, like this :

Route::filter('agency-auth', function($route) { ... });

And get parameters (in your filter) :


(just for fun) In your route

Route::get('{agencyId}', array('as' => 'agency', 'uses' => 'Controllers\Agency\DashboardController@getIndex'));

you can use in the parameters array 'before' => 'YOUR_FILTER' instead of detailing it in your constructor.


The method name has changed in Laravel 4.1 to parameter. For example, in a RESTful controller:

$this->beforeFilter(function($route, $request) {
    $userId = $route->parameter('users');

Another option is to retrieve the parameter through the Route facade, which is handy when you are outside of a route:

$id = Route::input('id');

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