Ok so for a number of reasons, I've been using s = __import__('parse') for the longest time in Python2, now I sorta need to being my transitions to Python3 for certain projects (mainly due to SSL).

But there's no reload() equivilant in Python3 as far as i've spotted. There's only one option:

import parse
parse.reload() #works

But I really, really need this to work:

parse = __import__('parse')



Any ideas on how to get it working in Python3?


The reload built-in function has been moved to importlib module in Python 3.4:

In [18]: from importlib import reload

In [19]: reload?
Reload the module and return it.

The module must have been successfully imported before.

As pointed out by @JPaget in comments reload() function has been moved from imp to importlib module in Python 3.4+. From what's new in Python 3.4:

The reload() function has been moved from imp to importlib as part of the imp module deprecation

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    As of Python 3.4, imp is deprecated. Use importlib instead: from importlib import reload – JPaget Sep 18 '14 at 18:54

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